Study says Quebec City a great place for women

Study says Quebec City a great place for women

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 July 2015 – Quebec City has been found to be the third fairest city in Canada when it comes to equal rights towards women. Because it is a capital city, a lot of women are employed by the provincial government, where union and equal pay demands are more prominent, as compared to the private sector.

In fact the two other cities in first and second place are also designated Capital municipalities, the first being Victoria BC, with Ottawa ON coming in second.

Quebec has more women in superior management positions within the government than any other province coming in at 40% of that particular workforce. The average women’s salary in Quebec equals 78% of that of their male counterparts as compared to an average of 70% in the other provinces.

The criteria is based on, a) economic security, b) education, c) leadership qualities, and d) health and safety. Quebec exceeds over other provinces in certain areas by its generous day care program and its extensive maternal leave program which now includes a paternal leave allowance.

The women surveyed in Quebec however, claim to be more stressed than their male counterparts and are apparently more subject to domestic violence than reported in the other provinces.

Montreal, Quebec’s largest city came in ninth on the study made from 25 different municipalities across Canada.

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