Study underway for possible Québec-Lévis tunnel

Study underway for possible Québec-Lévis tunnel

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 September 2015 – Quebec’s Minister of Transport, Robert Poëti signed a contract this week with a group of geological scientists from Université de Montreal, to study the feasibility of building a tunnel between Quebec City and its south shore neighbour Lévis.

The problem seems to be the fact that there is a geological fault line known as the “Logan Rift”, which runs down the middle of the St. Lawrence River. Geologists think the fault-line could cause some serious movement or even a collapse if ever a tunnel was built.

The Liberal government is acting on a promise they made during the last electoral campaign, when they said they would study the possibility of having a third link between the two cities.

The study is going to cost $105,000 and if the results prove that the fault-line could present problems, the project to build the tunnel will most likely be abandoned.

The fault-line in question has been tagged as an Urban Legend, as most people in the region think that any seismic movement in the area is due to that particular rift. A geological engineer from Université Laval, Jacques Locat however, points out that any movement which has occurred in the past, including the most recent earthquake, has not been related to the Logan Rift.

The study, which will also include a cost estimate to build the tunnel, should be ready in the spring of 2016.

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