Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Would you like to write for Life in Québec?

Got something to say about what you’ve seen on or in Life in Québec Magazine?

Or maybe you would like to comment on a social issue.

We’d love to hear from you, and you could, should you wish to, join the Life in Québec Team.

Many freelancers write for and Life in Québec Magazine.

As a respected media outlet ourselves, we would like to make it absolutely clear that we genuinely have no issue whatsoever with freelancers writing for other publications and media outlets. After all, this is how a freelance journalist / writer makes his / her living.

This is what we consider a freelancer to be:

‘Someone who works for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company.’

All that we ask of a freelancer is that if they are on an assignment for us, then it is exclusively for us. We’re sure that other publications would appreciate the same courtesy if the roles were reversed.

If you’d like to submit an Op-Ed or letter, here are a few guidelines that will help you. In essence, it’s what we like to see when we receive emails from our readers:

Make sure it’s relevant

Connect what you’re writing about to something in the news, or something that’s already been published on our site or in our magazine.

Be timely

The sooner you can get your piece to us the better (for you and our readers).

Be original and exclusive

We like to see things covered in a unique way, if you send the same letter/article/opinion piece to a variety of outlets then it’s not likely to be published by us.

Engage with us

If you’re responding to something you’ve seen or read in or on our media then say so as soon as you can. The first paragraph would be a good place for that. Make sure you identify the article, author, and date published like this ‘The suprising economic strength of Quebec City‘ (Stephen Gordon, January 10th, 2014). If you’re referring to something published online then link to it so that others can see what you’re talking about.

Get to the point quickly

Summarize your stance in the first sentence. If that piques our interest then the chances are we’ll read on.

Stick to the facts

Don’t over exaggerate as it’s a real turn off. Readers will see straight through you.
Views expressed in articles published by authors are not necessarily shared by us. We are a neutral platform and will always remain so. We’ll give you the opportunity to have your voice heard, so any mistakes made in the article are yours.

Be concise and focused

Long and overly wordy pieces aren’t fun to read. Internet users want a quick hit ‘here and now.’
Short, concise and to the point always works best. And it makes you look confident and as if you know that you’re talking about.
500-750 words for an opinion piece is about right. Just long enough to get your point across and explain yourself.

Be calm and polite

Don’t rant. We’re not interested in insults and mud slinging.

Mind your grammar

We’ll always proofread a piece before we add it to the site, but mistakes do happen.
It goes without saying, but please proof your work before sending it to us.

Always identify yourself

Include a good head and shoulders photo with your submission.
A short biography (usually a paragraph) will help you connect with our readers.

Want to submit something to us?

Contact Life in Quebec and we’ll take it from there.

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