Subsidized daycares too costly

Subsidized daycares too costly

The Parti Québécois is reviewing the possibility of increasing the fees for the CPE’s, commonly known as the $7 a day daycare centres.

$7_DaycareIn a report made public on Wednesday of this week the Minister of family affaires will be studying the pros and cons of a hike in tariffs that parents pay to send their children to the Government subsidized daycares. (CPE’s)

The daycares in Question were set up by the Parti Québécois as an election campaign back in the early nineties and were first established with a $5 a day price tag for parents.

It was a great idea at the time and helped get the party elected, but it is a system extremely costly for the Government which forced the Liberal party to increase the fees by $2 in 2004, much to the disappointment of the parents involved.

The argument now being debated is a problem for the PQ, because they had said they would freeze the amount payable by parents until 2016 or even 2017 and are denying the facts by saying they would only freeze the fees during their present mandate. The Minister Léger is obviously backtracking on the party’s stance taken during the last elections and is feeling the heat from the media and parents alike.

It has been established that the subsidies for these centres is becoming a severe burden for the Government and that the parents share will have to be increased in order to compensate for the increase in costs right across the board. In 1998-99 the Parents participation was at 20% of costs but is now only at 17% forcing the Government to up the ante to balance the expenses involved.

With elections in the wind this debate is going to become front and centre as an election issue which could help or hinder the party in power, depending on whose side you’re on.
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