Summer Applications Now Closed for 2013

Summer Applications Now Closed for 2013

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Major events on the Plains of Abraham – Summer season applications are now closed


Quebec, May, 2013 – The National Battlefields Commission announces that the application period for those seeking to use park lands for major events this summer is now closed. Closing applications is done out of fairness for Plains of Abraham users and to maintain transparency for promoters. Applications to use the site for dates after the summer season will continue to be considered by the Commission in accordance with its Policy for Using the Grounds.

In addition to the Fête nationale and the Festival d’été de Québec, two ticketed events scheduled for July 23 and 27, essentially tying up the major event site’s staging capacity for the entire high season from mid-June to mid-August, given that stage assembly and disassembly take place before and after events. To avoid damage and allow for proper restoration of the site, major events have been scheduled in clusters, permitting infrastructure to be used and leaving more time for park users to enjoy this majestic site in its normal peaceful state.

The Policy for Using the Grounds has, since its January 1 revision, emphasized a more careful balance between events and the preservation of the site’s peaceful and historical character, allowing more opportunities for the public to use the Plains of Abraham in other ways. The Commission continues, as manager of this major public facility, to hone its Policy so that it clearly and appropriately reflects the needs of the site and its users, always in keeping with its mandate to conserve and promote this space.

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