Superior court Judge suspected of cocaine use

Superior court Judge suspected of cocaine use

Val-d’Or (Quebec) 26 March 2015 – A newly appointed superior court judge, Me Michel Girouard, has been suspended of his duties due to a suspicion that he may be or at least was, involved and or dealing with organised crime before being appointed to his new position.

M. Girouard had apparently bought cocaine and other drugs from different organised crime individuals through the 80s and 90s, some of which were discovered during the arrest of the four fugitives who escaped from the Orsainville prison last year. One of the escapees claimed he himself had been offered free services from the judge in return for $10,000 of cocaine.

Other witnesses have come forward since March 17 proclaiming that they too have evidence of Me Girouard buying and using cocaine on several different occasions.

Me Girouard is flatly denying any of the accusations claiming it is all assumptions and suspicions raised by people who are not reliable as witnesses. Two weeks before being named judge in September of 2010, Me Girouard was seen and filmed involved in a drug deal with one of his clients. Two provincial police officers, one of whom is a special agent involved in the infiltration of organised crime and another who was working at a different job before becoming a policeman, both testified that they had seen Me Girouard doing drug deals or had the appearance of being under the influence of narcotics in and around Val-d’Or.

The case is being examined by the Canadian Judicial Council after the files were handed over to the council on March 17 of this year.

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