Supertanker Genmar Daphne out of danger

Supertanker Genmar Daphne out of danger

Main pic: Vue aérienne de Sorel-Tracy, Québec. Photo credit: Abdallahh

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 October 2014 – An update on a story we’ve been following. The super tanker, Genmar Daphne has been repaired and was sent on its way during the weekend without any incident concerning oil leaks or the ever present danger of being grounded.

If you recall, Transport Canada had stopped the ship from continuing on its journey to Sorel-Tracy because of a faulty emergency fire pump last week.

The ship remained stationary until a team from Montreal could come and repair the broken pump. To execute the repairs the tanker was moved to an anchoring position into deeper waters just off of Ile d’Orléans where it was more convenient to do the necessary repairs.

Certain environmental groups were concerned the ship may have been at risk to cause some problems for the environment and as the traffic of super tankers is going to become more and more prevalent the whole exercise turned out to be a successful drill for any future incidents.

The vessel left Quebec City for Sorel-Tracy Sunday morning and reached its destination Sunday evening. The boat will be filled with oil from Alberta and return to its home port sometime this week.

A lot of talk has been going on during the last few months concerning the shipment of oil on the St. Lawrence river and the pro’s and con’s are still making news.

Whether it be here in Quebec, or in the maritime provinces, the subject has become a hot topic for environmentalists and oil companies alike.

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