Supervised drug injection centre coming soon

Supervised drug injection centre coming soon

Quebec City (Quebec) 5 February 2015 – After a two year study investigating the problems and or the feasibility of setting up a controlled drug injection center for local addicted users, the city is considering opening what will be called a Supervised Injection Service (SIS).

Such centres already exist in cities like Vancouver where they are called ‘safe zones’.

The idea is simple. Most users inject themselves anywhere anytime, often in unsanitary conditions and using the same needles over and over again.

It has been calculated that almost a quarter of these users are HIV carriers and around 73% have contacted hepatitis C.

With a supervised injection centre their methods and health problems can be controlled, and help can be offered when needed.

M. Marc De Koninck, who conducted the study, says there are many variables to be considered before installing a SIS in the city. The location has to be where there are the most intravenous drug users, which appears to be downtown Quebec City, Limoilou, and Vanier; three areas which are not necessarily close to each other.

There is also the question of supplying needles and having a nurse on site to help with injections and social aid. M. Koninck also explains that citizens would have to be consulted as to the installation of such a centre in their neighborhood.

No date has been set but, the local drug addiction help centre, Point de repères, has been asking for this kind of service for some time, and the sooner it gets done, the better it will be for all the unfortunate addicts in and around the city.

The ball started rolling on the project in 2011 when the federal government recognized the legality of the first such centre set up in Vancouver.

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