Support important for return of NHL team

Support important for return of NHL team

Main pic: LA Kings Game – Staples Center. Photo credit: Woo Song

Los Angeles (California) 22 November, 2014 – Yesterday Mayor Régis Labeaume received the full support of the Los Angeles Kings owner and president of global giant AEG for the return of a Quebec City hockey team.

Dan Beckerman, who built an amphitheater in Las Vegas in order to bring in a National Hockey League (NHL) team did not see Quebec as a rival but as an ally.

“There is room for both. An NHL hockey team would succeed extraordinarily well in Quebec,” said Mr. Beckerman, President and CEO of AEG.

He visited the mayor of Quebec City at Staples Center – home of the LA Kings, and the site around the amphitheater, named LA Live.

Other buildings include the Nokia Theatre, two hotels, the Grammy Museum as well as restaurants and bars – all AEG properties.

Mr. Beckerman and his team took care to emphasize the visit of the mayor by displaying the logo of Quebec City on all the big screens on the site.

During the guided tour of the Staples Center (which lasted nearly two hour), and included a visit to the Kings’ locker room and specially equipped room to allow the actor Jack Nicholson to smoke his cigars, Mr. Beckerman repeatedly emphasized the qualities Quebec as a hockey market and entertainment.

“We work only with the best, and Québec embodies this model. That is why we are so passionate and determined in our discussions with Quebec,” said Mr. Beckerman, and about trade with Quebecor, the amphitheater manager in Québec that will open in September 2015.

He made it clear he is working with Quebecor, a company which he described as “phenomenal”.

Some AEG executives, including former hockey player Luc Robitaille, who works in business development for the LA Kings – have also recently travelled to Quebec City to visit the amphitheater under construction and they will get back shortly.

The mayor wants their advice for managing the site around the amphitheater because he was impressed with their business model in Los Angeles.

“We have had an extraordinary collaboration with them since the beginning,” said Mr. Labeaume.

The mayor of Quebec City also enjoyed Mr Robitaille’s hospitality on evening, during the occasion of the Kings hockey game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Cookies decorated with icing in the colours of the Nordiques were specially made and a logo of Quebec City decorated a block of ice.

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