Survey: Quebecers keen to travel farther, stay longer this summer

Survey: Quebecers keen to travel farther, stay longer this summer

Exclusive CAA-Quebec survey of vacation plans – Quebecers keen to travel farther, stay longer this summer.

QUEBEC CITY, June 6, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ – CAA-Quebec’s traditional survey of Quebecers’ summer vacation plans1 reveals that residents of the province are highly confident this year. Whereas many respondents in 2016 said they’d be staying at home (or close by), this summer people have clearly regained their thirst for adventure, with holiday plans that are more ambitious in every respect.

“Quebecers were more relaxed last year, and they seem to want to make up for that in 2017,” explains Philippe Blain, CAA-Quebec’s Vice President, Travel. “The statistics show the pendulum swinging back: vacationers are obviously itching to move.”

The survey found that 7 out of 10 respondents intend to take some time off to recharge their batteries, a proportion similar to that recorded in past years (detailed survey results are available here). Among those who have to forgo a vacation, job constraints are the reason most often given. Financial limitations were cited less often this year.

Longer stays
If you’re going to take a break, might as well make the fun last! This year, fewer Quebecers say they will be taking only a week’s vacation or less (down 4 points versus 2016). Conversely, more of them (+5 points) will be setting up an out-of-office autoreply that specifies a two-week absence. Once again, August is the most popular month for taking time off (46%), while around a quarter of respondents say their vacation will coincide with the two-week construction holiday.

More distant destinations
This year, Quebecers are less inclined to spend their holiday catching some rays on the back deck or doing home renovations: only 12% have opted for a “staycation” (down 5 points from 2016). And larger numbers of prospective vacationers want to get out and see the country (and not necessarily their own)!

Preferred destinations in 2017 (change versus 2016)

52% of travellers plan to vacation in Quebec

Most popular regions

Capitale-Nationale (Quebec City)
11% of travellers plan to vacation elsewhere in Canada
Most popular provinces

Nova Scotia
New Brunswick

22% of prospective vacationers will travel by plane

Most popular regions

Europe (France, Italy, U.K.)

11% of travellers plan to vacation in the U.S.

Most popular states

New Hampshire
New York

Uncle Sam has failed to win back shares lost over the past three years, due to the ongoing impact of unfavourable currency exchange rates. The number of Quebecers who’ll be headed south of the border is stable compared with last year, but down a full 10 points versus 2014.

Trump and terrorism not key factors
“There’s a sense that Quebecers want to get away,” Mr. Blain notes. “Even the international climate has had limited impact: Donald Trump’s election victory was a deterrent for 12% of respondents, while only 5% said they were worried about terror attacks in Europe. The key takeaway is that budget is by far the determining factor in people’s choice of destination—and the average amount that they are setting aside for their vacation is higher this year.”

No insurance? Not a wise choice
One rather worrisome finding is that 12% of respondents say they will be vacationing without travel insurance to cover medical expenses. Many myths still linger, with people wrongly assuming that their Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) insurance provides full coverage when they are travelling in another province, or that their credit card provider’s insurance is enough. The bill for a health emergency outside Quebec can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, so the best strategy is to be well informed and leave with peace of mind.

Quick facts:

73% of respondents with children will be taking them with them on vacation;
20% of travellers say advice from family or friends influenced their vacation plans (up 5 points);
Websites like TripAdvisor are respondents’ main source of travel information (36%, versus 22% for travel guides), and three-quarters of travellers pay attention to online comments and reviews.

About CAA-Quebec
CAA-Quebec, a not-for-profit organization, provides all of its members with peace of mind by offering them high-quality automotive, travel, residential and insurance benefits, products and services. Its CAA-Quebec Travel division maintains a presence across most of the province with 14 Travel Centres, marketing exclusive tours and cruises as well as custom-tailored products for all types of traveller.



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