Surving Summer is Thirsty Work This Year

Surving Summer is Thirsty Work This Year

The hot and humid weather observed over the last few weeks in Quebec has ensured that beer brewers, such as Quebec City’s La Barberie, have enjoyed a larger % increase in sales of their brews.

Demand for beer, this year, for events such as Saint-Jean-Baptiste, exploded and set the tone for the whole summer.

This time of year is the most rewarding for brewers in Quebec.

When the weather is hot, the two Quebec giants, Labatt and Molson-Coors can deliver up to 500,000 24-boxes per day to the 22,000 merchants in the province.

Financial analysts are expecting a 5% sale increase for beer this summer.

Last year, the sales only went up by 2%.

For ten years now, annual beer consumption in Quebec and Canada fell due to the greater presence of wine, spirits and other alcoholic drinks.

Microbreweries have also benefitted from this summer’s high temperatures, their share of the Quebec beer market increasing to around 7%.

La Barberie, in Saint-Roch, state that they can barely meet the demand for their beers. Every week, approximately 10,000 litres of their beer leave La Barberie’s vats. They are producing at full capacity and their sales have risen 8% this summer.

La Boutique des Bières on rue Marie-de-l’Incarnation specialise in selling microbrewery beers.
They have seen their turnover increase by around 30%.

Quebecer’s distinct beer preference is also a phenomenon noticed elsewhere.

Our microbreweries are becoming inceasingly popular in the United States.

In Quebec, the beer market is huge. We’re talking about $2.5 billion dollars dominated by three players: Labatt, Molson-Coors, and Sleeman. Collectively, they own 93% of the market. Across the whole of Canada, Quebecers spend the most money on beer.

Anyone fancy a pint?

Cheers, hic!

See you at Festibière 2012.
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