Sylvie Bernier Wants Québec en Forme

Sylvie Bernier Wants Québec en Forme

For $1 invested for the promotion of a healthy diet, $400 is place in ads for unhealthy foods.

The gold medalist in the 3 metre diving category at the Los Angeles Olympic Games was accompanied by a handful of Olympians and several delegates.

Bernier, 49-years old, whose Olympic triumph dates back thirty years ago, is today an ambassador for Québec en Forme. The organization promoting a healthy lifestyle for youth unites 1,000 helpers at the Congress Centre.

The consequences of this unfair battle are that children born after the year 2000 have a shorter life expectancy than their parents’ because of junk food.

In the 12 to 17-year old category, 65% girls and 47% boys don’t do 60 minutes of exercise per day as recommended.

But Québec en Forme and its partners have access to these kids. If the dangers related to junk food are visible, not moving is the worst.

When you do sports you can eat just about anything, you burn it!

Sylvie Bernier, a former Olympian thinks that you need to move to eat what you want, and admits that she eats healthy food 80% of the time.

This is how she based her speech, talking a lot about play grounds and to give back the pleasure of playing.
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