Syrian refugees could be welcomed to CFB Valcartier

Syrian refugees could be welcomed to CFB Valcartier

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 November 2015 – Many military bases around the country, including that of Valcartier, may be required to temporarily house the expected 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

According to reports obtained by Le Devoir, Justin Trudeau’s government is considering this option, seeing as studies predict the arrival of 6,000 refugees a week.

When asked the question by the newspaper, the new Minister for Immigration and Refugees, John McCallum, would not confirm the information, but conceded that the Ministry of Defence, like other departments, will play a role in the plan to accommodate and temporarily house these refugees.

In May 1999, bases in Trenton, Ontario, and Greenwood, Nova Scotia, were given the responsibility of taking care of thousands of Kosovar refugees landed in Canada.

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