Tadoussac wants a new cruise ship welcoming centre

Tadoussac wants a new cruise ship welcoming centre

Main pic: Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship. Photo credit: Hanseaticus. 

Tadoussac (Quebec) 22 September 2015 – A popular tourist town up on the north coast of the St. Lawrence River would like to have some sort of welcoming building that could accommodate the rising number of tourist boats and cruise ships that call in to their wharf every summer.

The town of Tadoussac welcomes about 200,000 to 250,000 visitors who arrive by boat every summer but has no place on their docks to assist them and / or redirect them to the many attractions there are in and around the area.

The tourism director for the town, Claude Brassard, even points out that there aren’t even any washrooms available on the wharf let alone a place to keep people dry when it is raining or when temperatures are somewhat chilly.

Tadoussac is a haven for whale watching and boats from all up the east coast slip in there to offer their passengers an opportunity to catch some spectacular views of whales and even the local scenery, which is breathtaking in itself. It is the third most visited port for cruise ship tourists after Quebec City and Montreal.

With the federal elections coming up, it is probably a good time to ask for money to start the project.

The town thinks it would cost about $5.8 million to construct with $1.2 million coming from the city’s coffers.

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