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Pauline Marois recalls Quebec election-night shooting five years later

Former Quebec premier Pauline Marois speaks during an interview with The Canadian Press in Montreal, Thursday, August 24, 2017. As the fifth anniversary of Quebec’s election shooting approaches, Marois says


Pauline Marois satisfied with murderer Richard Henry Bain’s sentence

MONTREAL — Former Quebec premier Pauline Marois says she’s satisfied Richard Henry Bain will spend at least 20 years behind bars before being eligible for parole. Bain was convicted by


Computer woes plague jury on seventh day of deliberations at Bain trial

MONTREAL — Computer woes are plaguing jurors at the murder trial of the man charged in Quebec’s 2012 election-night shooting. They informed a court constable today they had lost notes


Cross-examination of Richard Henry Bain begins

MONTREAL — The Crown began its cross-examination of accused murderer Richard Henry Bain on Friday by referring to psychiatric reports in which he reportedly said he wanted to kill as


Richard Henry Bain alleged election night shooter’s memory came back at 2nd interrogation

Alleged election- night shooter says memory came back at 2nd interrogation. MONTREAL — Less than two days after Quebec’s 2012 election-night shooting, accused murderer Richard Henry Bain moved quickly to


Alleged election-night shooter says memory came back at 2nd interrogation

MONTREAL — The man accused in Quebec’s 2012 election-night shooting says his memory only returned to him during a second interrogation by investigators. Richard Henry Bain is back on the


Bain going for defence of not criminally responsible in election-night shooting

MONTREAL — The murder trial of the man charged in Quebec’s 2012 election-night shooting is hearing from the accused as the defence begins its attempt to show he was not


Jury selection begins today in the trial of man charged in Quebec election shooting

MONTREAL — Jury selection is set to begin today in Montreal in the trial of the man accused in a deadly 2012 shooting incident at the Parti Quebecois election headquarters.

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Hydro-Quebec sells off $79 million turbines for $75 thousand

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 May 2015 – In a recent report presented by Quebec’s auditor general, Guylaine Leclerc, it was discovered that the state owned power company, Hydro Quebec sold


Severance Pay for Former Premiers Under Scrutiny

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 May 2015 – Ex-premier Pauline Marois raised eyebrows when it was announced she had financed a study on Québec City’s media culture. The study was done


Spectacular Values: Should Quebec be More Gay?

This Ross Murray column first appeared in the March 2014 issue of Life in Québec Magazine. Life in Quebec Magazine is a lifestyle publication covering the Quebec region and is


Twenty-four word title obscures real changes and scope of “Values” Charter

Opinion piece submitted by Colin Standish Opponents of the “Values” Charter (Bill 60) allege this new legislation will violate Quebec’s Charter of Human Rights of Freedoms. However, this will likely

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Montreal, you’re killing us!

Main pic – Montreal Tower. Photo credit: Antonello  By Ross Murray Montreal was the city that first made me fall in love with Quebec. It was a city of beautiful


Marois Property Sells for $6.5M

A Belgian pays $6.5 million for a property at l’Île-Bizard. Pauline Marois’ property situated on l’Île-Bizard finally found a buyer. On sale since July 2009, the luxurious property called “La