Tallest Wooden Residential Tower in the East

Tallest Wooden Residential Tower in the East

The first walls of District 03, which will offer 53 condos in the St-Roch neighborhood just been erected. This is the tallest residential wood tower in Eastern North America is starting to take shape. Known as District 03, the walls of this residential tower which will accommodate 53 condos in the St. Roch area are finally in place.

The walls of the residential tower will be made of new panels of cross-laminated wood by Nordic Structures Bois (Nordic Engineered Wood). This wood allows the structure to be raised much faster than using the concrete while being much cheaper in price. “This is a unique project that combines modern design and sustainable development, says District 03’s Jean Campeau. The structure allows homeowners to have solid wood ceiling and on some walls while providing superior acoustics. There is a certain enthusiasm for the project, which has already sold 90% of its condos for their innovation which will be well represented in the St-Roch neighbourhood.

District 03 project will be built on rues de la Salle and de la Reine between rue du Parvis and Chapelle, which will have 53 loft style condos with 9-foot ceilings and large windows.

District 03 will have a community terrace with swimming pool on the 4th floor with a view of la haute-ville of Quebec.
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