Target closing in Québec and Lévis

Target closing in Québec and Lévis

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 March 2014 – That’s it for Target in Québec City. While the US company announced the final closing for April 15, the three stores of the Capitale-Nationale and the branch of Lévis have closed or are about to do late Saturday afternoon. The curtain fell on the Fleur de Lys Target (since Thursday evening) and of Place Laurier (April 1).  The only remaining stores of Lévis and Galeries de la Capitale will close Saturday at 17h.

“If all goes well, we will close at 17h, but this will depend on the amount of stock left. Everything is 80% and there is no longer much. At the rate it’s going, it could risk rather closing Sunday at noon,” said a clerk of Lévis Target located at the Galeries Chagnon, reached by telephone.

The company had a short-lived stay of only a few months in Canada and Québec. The offer by the US giant failed to captivate the Québec public and the business was not profitable.

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