Teachers’ Union to Continue Pressure Tactics in Fall

Teachers’ Union to Continue Pressure Tactics in Fall

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 August 2015 – As a follow-up to the negotiations going on in the education sector between the government and its teachers the union representing the teachers is ready to continue the pressure tactics that were put in place last spring.

The first action, or you could call it non-action, is to maintain a restriction on the number of hours teachers spend doing their job; that is to say they will work only the 32 hours for which they are paid without offering any extra time or attention to their duties. Normally, teachers are called upon to take on extra work or communication throughout their school year to operate after-hours clubs, sports programs, and do extra class preparation and grading.

The president of the teachers union (FSE-CSN), Josée Scalabrini, is ready for a fight and points out that teachers continually do extra-curricular work for which they are never compensated, either through salaries or extra time off by their employer and which even goes unnoticed by most parents.

Three concerns are on the table for Mme Scalabrini: the present austerity plan, the stagnant negotiations between the government and its employees, and the seeming lack of vision by the government towards the education system as a whole in the province.

As for classroom activities, for now the students and parents alike will probably not notice any difference, but the union is not rejecting the idea of eventually going on strike if negotiations with the government break down to a point of non-reconciliation.

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