TEDxQuébecSalon First French Event of its Kind in North America

TEDxQuébecSalon First French Event of its Kind in North America

Quebec City (Quebec) September 28, 2014 – Last week, on September 16th, organizers of the annual TEDxQuébec conference held the first French-language TEDxSalon in North America, under the theme of “The Smart City”. Based on the popular “micro-conference” TED formula pioneered by the Sapling Foundation to promote the spread of “Ideas Worth Spreading”, in which participants on a minimalist stage convey an idea in 20 minutes or less, the Salon concept adds a layer of informal discussion and interactivity following the first deposition of ideas by speakers.

Independent TED events, denoted by the “x” suffix, follow the guidelines set by the Sapling Foundation but are free to pursue the interests of their independent organizers. Similarly, TEDxSalon events are also independently organized, with TEDxQuébecSalon being organized and held by the same group that is behind the annual TEDxQuébec conference. The event held September 16th at Le Cercle in the Saint-Roch district was the first of three such conferences, with the other two scheduled for November 18th and January 20th, with themes related to cinema and the entrepreneurial community, respectively.

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