Teenage Summer Jobs in Quebec

Teenage Summer Jobs in Quebec

Catherine Renaud is a 16-year-old who left the comfort of her home to work all summer in the kitchen of the Cité Joie camp at Lac-Beauport, which is about four hours away from her home town.

She works hard because soon she’ll need a driver’s licence, pay for studies, and eventually an apartment. Her adult life is knocking on her door.

Her coworkers think the same. Pierre-Luc Olivier, about to start his secondary five in September believes it was time for him to face his new responsibilities.

Summer is no longer a period to just have fun. The majority of teens work to have a couple of bucks to save or to spend. Teens that are now at their first work experience show much pride to invest in something new and they are also happy to be able to save money on their own to gain autonomy.

At this young age, work often is imposed in the summer. Often they would like to work the rest of the year but it is hard to find time with school, homework, and other activities.

Summer is a great season to work for them though because they find new friends and other people just like them who want or had to work.

They realize that they can work and still keep a social life with their friends.
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