Ten Strings and a Goatskin Living the Dream

Ten Strings and a Goatskin Living the Dream

Review by Carrianne Bell, l’Anglicane, Lévis, Friday 24 November, 2017.

Who of us doesn’t wish that when we were younger we had followed dreams? Headed off on the road in search of our heart’s desire? The three members of Ten Strings and a Goatskin are doing just that.

This group of three talented young musicians has been on the ride of their lives. Starting in their teens, they have been playing shows in Canada and Europe. They have played with the PEI orchestra and were even invited to Denmark to play a show for the King and Queen.

The band consists of Rowen Gallant on fiddle, tenor banjo, viola and vocals, Jess Périard on guitar, vocals and pump organ, and Caleb Gallant on bodhran, foot percussion, and cajun. The trio met in high school music class, when the two brothers, thinking it was getting less and less cool having their Mom in their band, recruited Périard.

All three members grew up in Acadian households on Prince Edward Island. French plays an important role in their lives and many of the songs they perform have French lyrics. Their music blends Celtic, French Canadian and Acadian rythmns with more modern beats. Many of their songs are rooted in family stories or local traditions.

Both of their albums have won East Coast Music Awards: Corbeau in 2015 for World Music Recording of the Year and their newest album, Aupres du poele, for Roots, Traditional Recording of the year, 2017. Not bad for three guys just starting out!

The  three make a heartfelt band. They absolutely love everything about performing. They have an innocence that makes them impossible not to enjoy. Every song was introduced in French, even though they did not always have the French words they needed. The desire to connect with the audience was palpable. It was so obvious how important their Acadian culture, and French language, was to them. They live, breathe and perform their roots.

Although all three of them are good musicians, I could simply not take my eyes off of Caleb Gallant. The complicated beats he managed with his feet, mixed with complimentary beats played with his hands, seemed like they defied the human capacity for coordination.  His talent as a percussionist is incredible.

Their latest album, Aupres du Poele, is available at their website www.tenstringsandagoatskin.com.

They will be returning to Quebec City on January 12, 2018 at Les Rendezvous Estrad de Quebec.

If you are looking to support Canadian music, this band definitely is worthy of your time.


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