Tequila Mockingbirds Fly Away With Top Prize

Tequila Mockingbirds Fly Away With Top Prize

QHS Trivia Night – Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

By Jason Enlow

Quebec High School Trivia Night: eight rounds, ten questions with two points per question and the judges’ decision is final. This year’s theme was The Superbowl. Thirteen teams had assembled under the guise of a fundraiser, when in fact they were there to have fun and “test their medulla oblongatas”.

Andrew Greenfield wanted a formidable force of friends for his Anglostore team so he recruited the most intelligent people he knew, or the only people who were willing to spend a Friday evening in a high school cafeteria. The Anglostore team was comprised of Andrew Greenfield – owner of Anglostore, Katherine Burgess – Presbyterian minister, Brad Kent – English professor, Jennifer Raven – health research associate and me. (I know, go figure.)

QHS_TriviaNight_2012_LasVegasAcesAndrew had mentioned “dressing up” for the evening and in the U.K. that means costume party. I left my droids outside and walked into a scene reminiscent of Chalmun’s Cantina on Tatooine; scientists, Pancho Villa types, hillbillies, gangsters and rockers all milling about making small talk. “I think we’ve met before.” “Your husband makes a super spicy chili!” Katherine lent me one of her extra hockey jerseys as it was our team’s official attire. It was an itchy reminder that I knew nothing about sports trivia.

QHS_TriviaNight_2012_NisforNowledgeThe game was on. Questions were difficult and they got progressively worse, or better if you’re the ‘glass is half full’ kind of person.

“A Pelton Wheel converts what into electricity?”

“What colour is the second o in the Google logo?”
“What is the currency of Pakistan?”
“What is the square root of 1728?”

QHS_TriviaNight_2012_JefferyHaleBilliesWe surreptitiously scribbled our answers on scraps of paper and thrust them towards Jennifer who was usually already jotting down the response. She knew that Sand People rode on Banthas…impressive.
In addition to the closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam plate of munchies that came with the table, teams had come prepared with refreshments and platters of brain stimulating snacks. Staying hydrated during these taxing mental manoeuvres was also crucial.

QHS_TriviaNight_2012_AngloStoreDebaclesUnfortunately, by the halftime break our stocks had been eagerly depleted. Brad ran to secure some of Provigo’s finest vintages along with a couple of cans of Pringles. Dehydration disaster had been averted and we were good to go.

“What was the first song to be played in outer space?”

“What colour is a polar bear’s skin?”

“What shade of blue is named after a duck?”

“What is a leatherback?”

QHS_TriviaNight_2012_JudgesAnd then it was over. The Booby Prize went to the Trivia Turkeys. It’s all in the name…In a strategic move, Anglostore had decided to play the ‘double your points joker card’ during our first and finest round. It helped us to secure third place position with a total of 185 points. Second place, with 187 points, was awarded to the Fantastic Four and first place, complete with brainy bragging rights, went to the Tequila Mockingbirds for their 195 points.

Chairs were stacked. Drinks were drained and challenges for next year’s Trivia Night were bandied about. It was fundraising at its best.

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