Terraces to Expand on Cartier

Terraces to Expand on Cartier

The project to extend the terraces on Cartier Avenue has received the approval of the municipality. Quebec City allows merchants to set up tables in parking spaces as long as they do not affect the commercial flow of traffic.

This summer Cartier Avenue’s terraces will be allowed to expand into the street’s parking spaces. This project has been under consideration since last February. The Transport Division voiced some concerns regarding public safety. This special authorization granted by the City of Quebec, will be valid only for the first three weekends of July, and from Friday to Sunday evening.

“The expansion of the terraces will be in the parking lots. There will be very little impact to the parking spaces because only 17 of 37 parking spots will be affected,” says Marc-André Pâlin, the directeur général de l’Association des commerçants de l’axe Montcalm.
“There will be no change in the level of traffic or pedestrians,” he adds.

For safety, a barrier consisting of wooden posts linked by chains will border terraces.
“We are very happy. This is an ideal project for this year because these terraces, which can accommodate 90 guests, will help to liven-up the neighborhood,” said Marc-André Pâlin.
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