Terrorist attack or isolated incident

Terrorist attack or isolated incident

St Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec) 22 October 2014 – Monday, October 20 was a dark day for the province of Quebec and for all of Canada for that matter, as a young individual decided to act upon his beliefs as an extreme Islamist and use his car as a weapon, to run down three military personnel who were entering a Service Canada building on a regular routine errand.

Two of the soldiers, one badly injured and one who managed to avoid being hit, are still alive to tell their story but, sadly one of them; Lieutenant Patrice Vincent 53, failed to survive his injuries and passed away at a hospital in Montreal. Lt. Vincent had been in the military for 28 years and had dedicated his whole life to the army and his country and according to his relatives, loved every minute of it.

The man responsible for what is being considered a terrorist act, Martin Rouleau 25, who started it all, was fatally wounded by police officers after a car chase ended up in the ditch. The young man had recently converted to Islam and was calling himself on his Facebook page, Ahmad Rouleau where he praised the attributes of Allah and the ISIS doctrine.

He had been on the radar by the RCMP for some time and had had his passport relinquished last June when he tried to board a flight to Turkey where, police suspect, he was going to join the Islamic State Extremists in their fight against the world.

According to friends and old high school buddies of Rouleau, up until a couple of years ago, he seemed perfectly normal and socially comfortable where ever he went. Somewhere, somehow he became involved in the ISIS movement and apparently carried out his act from orders given from their spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani who asked all his followers in the western world to attack all those who don’t agree with the Islamist beliefs, whether it be America, France, Australia or even Canada.

Ironically since last Friday, Canada had raised its terrorist threat to medium from a previous rating of low.

BREAKING: In view of the current situation in Ottawa and the 3 shooting incidents that have taken place, it’s doubtful if the subject will be discussed today.

Further details to come.

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