Thawing of Government Hiring Freeze Expected March 31st

Thawing of Government Hiring Freeze Expected March 31st

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 February 2015 – As if following the season, the government-imposed hiring freeze on all ministries and government agencies under Québec’s control is expected to loosen its grip by the end of the government’s fiscal year, which ends March 31st.  Speaking to Le Soleil, Minister Martin Coiteux, president of the Conseil du Trésor, announced the ban on hiring new personnel within government ministries was to be lifted at the end of next month.

The hiring freeze was originally imposed shortly after the election of the current Liberal government last year, citing a need to redress public finances and widely seen as the first real impact of the government’s proposed austerity measures.  Although technically the freeze was not an outright prohibition on hiring new personnel, as ministries could hire personnel if they requested special authorization, the effect was to dramatically decrease the hiring of new government bureaucrats and employees.

The lifting of the freeze will be a particular sigh of relief to temporary workers, who rely on contract renewals to keep their jobs within the public sector.  Although the lifting of the freeze decreases the red tape required for their contract renewals, this is no guarantee for their future employment, as the government continues to target its objective of a 2% reduction in the civil service.  Minister Coiteux however said that retiring civil servants and natural attrition were by and large sufficient to reach this objective without layoffs.  The Minister also emphasised that the government was taking no measures to incite or push employees to early retirement.

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