Review: Thé à la mode at the Auberge Saint Antoine

Review: Thé à la mode at the Auberge Saint Antoine

Quebec City’s Auberge Saint-Antoine is one of the most prestigious hotels in the region so as a venue for a fashion Talm_Oct2015_1show with a difference, there aren’t many that could top it.

Thé a la mode – the concept is brilliantly simple yet effective.

For a couple of years now, on every third Saturday of the month (except December, June, July, and August) Quebec fashion designers get to showcase their clothing and accessory collections to Auberge Saint-Antoine clientele.

The idea, brought to the Auberge Saint-Antoine by award-winning general manager Jean-Louis Souman, sees sandwiches, scones and desserts served to you with a refreshing pot of tea of your choice in a relaxed setting. As you enjoy the wonderful food on offer, models parade in front of you showcasing the clothing and accessories from the new collections the Quebec designers would like you to see.

The food is locally sourced, the designers are from the province (usually the region) and even the models are locals who auditioned for the role at the auberge before the season started.

Prior to taking up his post at the Auberge Saint-Antoine, M. Jean-Louis Souman was the director at the  5-star Hotel Le Bristol in Paris. He Talm_Oct2015_2brought over 40 years of experience in top class hotels around the world with him when he started at the rue Saint-Antoine location back in 2011.

Says M. Souman ‘This was something that we did in Paris so there was no reason why it wouldn’t be successful here in Quebec City. It’s a variation of a British ‘High Tea’ mixed with great clothing and accessory lines.’

The event lasts around 2 hours which gives you enough time to enjoy the food (and it is wonderful by the way).
With it being the weekend I’d suggest a light brunch mid-morning and miss out on lunch altogether before venturing out.

I was seated by our hosts immediately upon my arrival around 2pm and was served shortly after.

Before the models began mingling with the guests I got the chance to speak with Ingrid Lemm, the Auberge Saint-Antoine‘s Sales and Marketing Director.

Lemm told me that the event has been a success since its inception. They welcome 40-60 guests per show, the setting is intimate and not lively. ‘Those who come to take in the latest collections from Quebec designers and sample the excellent food seem to enjoy themselves. We have many who come back again’, she said. Talm_Oct2015_3

After the show I caught up with M. Jonathan Leclerq, president of Auclair and Martineau, whose Martino brand of footwear was being modelled at the event.

He told that his company has over 140 employees all based here in the region.

All of their footwear is designed, materials cut and stitched right here in Quebec City.

Leclercq travels the world with some of his team searching for inspiration and ideas but ‘Everything is made here in Quebec City, in the St-Emile area’, he said.
The designer continued ‘We’ve been around for over sixty years now and our footwear is sold in our own stores both here and in Montreal. Our store is called Boutique Amimoc and the one here in Quebec City is located on rue du Petit-Champlain in Old Quebec. Our range is also available in independent stores across Canada, USA, Japan, and South Korea.’

Thé à la mode – tea, food, fashion, and fun!



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