The AquaGym Now Bears the Name of Elise Marcotte

The AquaGym Now Bears the Name of Elise Marcotte

At only 24-years old and a newly retired Olympian, Elise Marcotte, was immortalized recently in L’Ancienne-Lorette, as her name now adorns the new multigenerational centre and pool in her hometown.

The AquaGym Elise Marcotte sounds good! She is proud and pleased to be able to leave a trace in her sport. She performed at the 2012 Olympic Games in London and has finally let go of her 18-year career in synchronized swimming.

The former swimmer tried to hold back her tears when she thanked everyone in front of an audience of guests. In the days that followed the announcement of her retirement, she received a phone call from one of the city leaders. When she was informed of the decision, she jumped around her house with excitement.

Although she now lives in Montreal and in Saint-Rédempteur to be available for the national team training, L’ancienne Lorette will forever and always remain her favorite place. L’Ancienne-Lorette will always remain my city. Until recently, my mother (Francine Desrochers) was the director of a school right beside.

No Fear

The L’Ancienne-Lorette mayor, Émile Loranger, mentioned that Marcotte’s choice was expected since the sport centre was built, two years ago.

With the library, the AquaGym is one of the two facilities that have the highest usage rate. More people come during the registration period for the activities during Election Day.

“With the library, water aerobics is one of the two activitities that has the highest penetration rate. Traditionally, centres wait for people’s deaths to give them their name (building and streets) in their honour.

In the Quebec region aquatic world, it is not the first time since Sainte-Foy once honoured the diver, Sylvie Bernier and Pont-Rouge dedicated a swimming pool to Lyne Beaumont.

No one would have made this gesture before.

Achieving great things does not come with age.

A person like Elise is a great example of our youth and she spreads the image of success.
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