The Banc d’essai gastronomique celebrates 10 years

The Banc d’essai gastronomique celebrates 10 years

The Banc d’essai gastronomique de la Capitale-Nationale is only a “try” by its name.

After 10 years of existence, the annual event proved itself to be above all hopes, in favour of the partners.

The Banc d’essai gastronomique is organized jointly by the Union of Federation of Agricultural Producers from the north shore, the Specialized Centre for alimentary and tourism of Fierbourg, and the Chapitre de Quebec of the chief society, cooks, and bakers of Quebec.

Since 2004, the initiative is valorizing local products and the local producers’ expertise. Culinary art from Quebec made its place along the years due to the quality of products that distinguish Quebec worldwide.  Every year, six teams composed of chefs and students in cooking establishments of Fierbourg each receive a challenge to make a recipe from niche products.

This time, it was Chef Pierre Imbeault (Fierbourg), Patrick Fregni (Les plaisir du Chef restaurant), Carl Berthiaume (Gaël Vidricaire Bakery), and many more were asked to direct a team. Producers, restaurant owners, and other chefs were invited to taste the creations.
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