The Broth of Brith Performed by Cégep Champlain St. Lawrence

The Broth of Brith Performed by Cégep Champlain St. Lawrence


In February 2013, students from Cégep St. Lawrence performed John Halpin’s ‘The Broth of Brith’.

The Story:

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a kingdom called Brith. For many years Brith had been at war against its old ally, the Kingdom of Arbour.

The Army of Brith received its strength from a magical soup (broth), served to them by King William of Brith at the Feast of the Fool’s Moon, The aging king is a widower with three children, but sadly, his son, the heir to the throne, is clearly not fit to replace him.

The secret recipe for the Broth of Brith is then lost and the whole kingdom is launched into a search.

Who will find the recipe? What will the king do? Where will the princess go? When will the war end?

The Cast:

KING – William, ruler of the Kingdom of Brith
Carlos Magana (Mexican Student Coordinator)

PRINCESS – Whitney, youngest daughter of King William
Amanda Sweeney (Business Administration Student)

PRINCE – Wayne, eldest son of King William, heir to the throne
Kevin Duguay (IT Technician)

GENERAL – Winona, daughter of the King, general of the army
Rosalie Gauvin (Language & Literature Student)

WIZARD – The King’s inventor
Alyson Mace-Reardon (Science Student)

FOOL – The King’s entertainer and confidante
Thaïs Pouvesle (Social Science Student)

COOK – The King’s chef
Samantha Newman (Social Science Student)

SHIRLEY – A friend of Prince Wayne and General Winona
Kim Patenaude (Guidance Counsellor)

FRENCH, ITALIAN, and CHINESE COOKS – Citizens of Brith
Béatrice Lafrenière (Science Student), Frédérique Pomerlau (Social Science Student), Pascale G. Lafleur (Language & Literature Student)


Altos – Constance Crossland, Helen McCauley
Baritones – Guillaume St-Gelais, Greg Halpin, Justin Robert
Sopranos – Marie-Eve Doyon, Erin Halpin, Margaret Forrest

The Photos:

All of the photos in the four galleries below were taken by Sarah Sweeney.

We have no objection to you using any of them, but please provide a link back to and acknowledge where you got them from.

Broth of Brith photo gallery 1

Broth of Brith photo gallery 2

Broth of Brith photo gallery 3

Broth of Brith photo gallery 4


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