The Damn Truth tell it like it is during Quebec tour

The Damn Truth tell it like it is during Quebec tour

By Rosanna Haroutounian

The Damn Truth will rock Québec as they tour throughout the province this month, starting on May 16 with a show at Le Cercle in Québec City.

Though Montreal-based, the band got its start when front woman Lee-La Baum travelled to Israel in 2001, where she met her future husband, guitarist Tom Shemer. They moved back to Baum’s hometown of Montreal together and in 2010 formed The Damn Truth with two other Montrealers, David Massé (bass) and Dave Traina (drums).

“It seemed like a place to really create great music,” says Baum. “The home audience is a very strong, powerful fan base.”

The band released their first album Dear in the Headlights in 2012, and recorded their second, Devilish Folk, last year.

“I feel like in Devilish Folk, there was something deeper that we wanted to say and express,” says Shemer. “I don’t know if the sound has changed but it’s more focused.”

The album may be more expressive but the band remains tight-lipped on announcing a release date. Baum says fans will hear songs from the new album at the band’s upcoming shows.

“I like performing new songs,” she says. “They’re really fun to try out the first time, to see people’s reactions and if the crowd’s digging it or not.”

The band is also promoting their latest release, “Get With You.”

“It’s pressed on a really cool, red, seven-inch vinyl that’s really limited-edition,” says Shemer. The record can be purchased on the band’s website and at their shows.

“Get With You” stays true to the band’s rock ‘n’ roll roots with lusty lyrics and a raucous beat. Baum’s sultry voice, which weaves the whole thing together, is reminiscent of 60s psychedelic rock and often compared to Janis Joplin’s.

“I play guitar but there are also songs where I put it down and I really go wild,” says Baum. “I go jump around and dance and lose myself, so that’s really fun.”

According to Baum and Shemer, the band is always touring, even while recording and during Baum’s pregnancy, which she describes as a “very intense” experience.

“It was a blast,” she says. “I love performing. I couldn’t think of giving it up even for a second.”

The band doesn’t plan to stop any time soon, promising more videos and “all kinds of surprises,” according to Shemer.

“You can just expect to feel something,” he says about the band’s music. “It’s rock and roll to start with, but it goes deeper.”

The band will finish touring Québec with a show in Sherbrooke on May 23, then play at ShazamFest in Barnston-Ouest on July 11. The Damn Truth has toured throughout the province before and Baum says they are eager to build their fan base outside Montreal.

“Shows are always sold-out there and I’m sure that has to do with the fact that we’re on regular rotation on the radio,” she says. “We don’t have that strong of a pull in the Québec market yet.”

“We always have a blast in Québec,” adds Shemer. “People always seem to be very appreciative of all kinds of music.”

The Damn Truth will be playing with local band Caravane and fellow Montrealers We Are Monroe at Le Cercle. Tickets are available online at

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