The Eek People Eek

The Eek People Eek

By Jason Enlow

Once there was an unexpected planet floating through the oblivion of space. It was an unexpected planet because unexpected things happened there. For example, people said “morning good” instead of “good morning” and “night good” instead of “good night”. They also ate their dessert before their dinner, but Earth children sometimes do the same thing. Still, it was a little odd, especially when you consider that cake chocolate was a very popular starter before a delicious dinner of Buttery Baked Claw Claw. It’s something like lobster but with a hint of mint because their oceans are minty fresh. It was a strange place filled with friendly Eek People and People of Eek.

The Eek People and the People of Eek were basically the same. They all breaded their butter on the bottom, as the saying goes. But there were many Eek People and fewer People of Eek. Sometimes the People of Eek would worry that their customs would be lost. No one worried more than Prince Quagmire. The prince ruled over all the land, Eek People and the People of Eek alike. His royal city, Port Manteau, was home to most of the People of Eek, but was surrounded by the farms and villages of the Eek People.

Although similar, there was a very unexpected difference in the way the Eek People and the People of Eek talked; they used the word “eek” every time they spoke. The Eek People would say something like, “Eek, I’ve got a nasty case of the snob globs!” Whereas the People of Eek could be heard to exclaim, “Fister’s Fine Fancies has got the best selection of tootin’ faloutins, eek!” This really wasn’t much of a problem as the Eek People and the People of Eek managed to understand, and do business, with each other all the same. In fact, the People of Eek were renowned, not only in Port Manteau, but throughout the Kingdom of Kerfuffle, for their wonderful winter wine. Many Eek People appreciated Port Manteau, for its beautiful architecture and vibrant culture and decided to move there. For the most part, everyone got along splendidly.

Unfortunately, Prince Quagmire spent much of his time in the twisted turrets of his castle. A reigning monarch can hardly be expected to rub shoulders with common folk. If he had, he would have seen that the Eek People and the People of Eek were getting along rather well. Perhaps if the King had been around he might have talked some sense to his frightened son who had heard rumors that the People of Eek wanted him overthrown. Eager to secure his hold on the Kingdom of Kerfuffle, he decreed  that everyone must say “eek” at the end of their sentences. Of course, the prince graciously allowed the Eek People to continue to say “eek” at the beginning of their sentences, as long as they said it 27 and half  percent faster than the “eek” they were obliged to say at the end. The Eek Police eagerly enforced this royal proclamation throughout Kerfuffle.

To make a long story short, life for the Eek People became somewhat complicated and uncomfortable while the People of Eek found that no matter how wonderful their winter wine was, it was becoming difficult to sell outside the kingdom’s walls. In hindsight, it was all to be expected.

The Eek People of Eek Part 2 – A Higher Power

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