The Eek People of Eek – Part 4 – King Kandor Returns

The Eek People of Eek – Part 4 – King Kandor Returns

Article by Jason Enlow
Photo credit: Ken Enlow

Prince Quagmire paced the crenellated parapet of the castle in the royal city of Port Manteau, home to Eek People and People of Eek. To the east, he could almost make out Semolina Island across the foggy Strait of Wonowon. Looking westward, he surveyed the Kingdom of Kerfuffle, his kingdom, at least since the king had mysteriously disappeared. The fiasco at The Watch & Dog restaurant was still fresh on his mind. I think the captain of the Eek Lexicon Fuzz suspects that I wasn’t really there to make sure the bathroom toilet paper was properly monogrammed, thought the prince to himself. Just then, he heard the rusty sound of hinges. He spun around as King Kandor stepped out from the doorway of the circular turret.

“Morning good…or is it?” The king never said “eek” before or after his sentences, as did the rest of the Eek People and the People of Eek. Standing there, dressed in what looked to be a burlap sack for tuber-taters (a starchy tuber often combined with squeaking reindeer cheese to make Putin-on-the-Leipäjuusto – a dish with enough calories to sustain a grown man an entire day. It was a favorite throughout the kingdom and some subjects had petitioned adding it to royal coat of arms).

“Father! What…happened? Where have you been?”
“Well, you haven’t seen me lately because you haven’t been looking. If you had searched for me and found me then you wouldn’t be asking me where I’d been. In fact, I don’t think I ever was away and it was you who has been gone all this time. Where have you been Quaggie?”
“Uh-Uh, Father, you didn’t perchance wander into the Psilocybin Forest did you? It’s full of Revision-Shrooms! I think you’ve contracted Reductio ad absurdumitis.”
“I haven’t wandered anywhere; the proof is right in front of you. I’m here and not in any forest.”
“Why are your…clothes covered in burrs and leaves?”
King Kandor sank back against the heavy oak door with his bare legs out in front of him.

Prince Quagmire had dreamed of the day when the king would return. Running the kingdom was a big responsibility and he had had enough. Now it looked as though the king wasn’t going to be any help at all. The prince already knew what had to done; he just didn’t want to be the one to have to do it. Only one thing could cure the annoying disease that caused the people it infected to argue absurdly: the Harp of Estevo. Unfortunately, Estevo lived up in the mountains and didn’t like to be disturbed. He wasn’t too keen on Eek People or People of Eek alike. If they were going to go, they would need an offering, something that Estevo wouldn’t be able to resist.

“I’ve got it! Quick, come with me.” The prince pulled King Kandor to his feet. “I’ve got to clean you up and get you some sneak-out-of-the-castle clothes. Nobody can see you, or us…we’re going to the Leech Lake.”
“If we’re going to the lake, we must be going swimming and it’s much too cold to swim, so I guess we’re not really going to the lake.” The king folded his arms across his broad chest.
“We’re going to the lake alright; we’ve got to get the Sword of Distinction. And we’re going to need to pack a whole lot of Putin-on-the-Leipäjuusto.”

To be continued…

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