The Festival d’été de Québec Kicks Off Its 45th Year With a New Logo!

The Festival d’été de Québec Kicks Off Its 45th Year With a New Logo!

Press release from The Festival d’été de Québec

The Festival d’été de Québec Kicks Off Its 45th Year With a New Logo!

Quebec City, March 2012 –  The Festival d’été de Québec boasts a sharp new logo to mark its 45th year. Livelier and more intensely colorful, with a distinctive urban, contemporary look, it reflects what the Festival has become? an event that brings over one million people together in Old Quebec’s streets and nightclubs, parks and concert grounds to move and groove to live music at its very best.

“The Festival is Canada’s biggest outdoor musical event. Our logo had to embody both the prestigious and the festive essence of our brand today, and it’s a very strong brand. It had to convey the emotion that drives the city, the festival’s fans and its performers,” Luci Tremblay, communications director for the Festival d’été de Québec, said.

Created by the Québec City-based agency, leBel communication, a black square? a pure, simple and universal shape? forms the center of the logo.

“We chose this to represent the stability, solidity and credibility of the organization,” explained the agency’s president, Guy Lebel. “The square can also be seen as a stage surrounded by thousands of enthusiastic festivalgoers.”

The five vibrantly coloured images exploding behind the square represent the fans who converge on the Festival by the thousands. 

“What’s happening behind the square, or in other words, around the stage, generates the highly charged emotions and intense experiences that make the Festival what it is today. Its huge popularity and scope, the musical vibes, the cultural mosaic, the ebullience, the swirl of shows? these images evoke a different interpretation from each viewer,” Luci Tremblay added.

The Festival is presented by Bell in collaboration with Molson Dry, and their respective logos are smoothly integrated to form a whole.

3 E évènement-expérience-émotion

To create the new logo, leBel communication conducted a branding exercise in collaboration with Pier Tremblay from Bradroit, from which emerged a new name for the Festival’s parent company, Inter-Nation-Art. This company, which produces and manages other events and venues, including the Agora de Québec, Pavillon Espace 400e Bell and the New Richmond Summer Festival, is now called 3 E évènement-experience-émotion.

“This name tells people exactly who we are and what we do. They want to tap into our expertise and know how in organizing emotion-packed events, said Daniel Gélinas, general manager of the Festival d’été de Québec.

As of now, the other events will be signed 3 E: 

The 45th edition of the Festival de Québec will be held from July 5 to 15, 2012.

The Festival d’été de Québec is presented by Bell in collaboration with Molson Dry.

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