The Fight of Homelessness in Quebec to Begin

The Fight of Homelessness in Quebec to Begin

After the Night of the Homeless, a new initiative was set up to raise awareness about homelessness. The first “Semaine de l’itinérance; Les nuances de ma rue ” was launched recently in Quebec. The campaign is organized Regroupement pour l’Aide aux Itinérantes et Itinérantes de Québec (RAIIQ).

This first week in Quebec aims to raise awareness of the situation. “We have a particular phenomenon in Quebec. This phenomenon is the issue of wandering, residential instability which is the invisible wandering. It has increased pressure in groups, they tell us that there is a more traffic that is becoming increasingly important,” says Frédéric Keck, the coordinator of RAIIQ. From May 14th to 16th, activities are being held in the city. On May 15, a tour will be held from 8:30 to 16:30. A panel discussion entitled “Faces of Homelessness in Quebec” is scheduled for May 16 with a closing ceremony on May 17. In addition to a preview of works created by homeless artists and those at risk. Musical performances will conclude this first edition in 2013. Melissa Bedard, a former academic from Saint-Émile, will be on-the-spot. She is also one of the personalities who lent her voice and likeness to the cause through various capsules.


Limoilou is one of the harder hit areas in Quebec. However, with plans to revitalize Saint-Roch and the Upper Town, homelessness has shifted to Beauport, Saint-Sauveur, other parts of Limoilou, Vanier and even Charlesbourg. “I also think it exists in Loretteville and Neufchatel, says Frédéric Feck. There are issues there as well. There are services that move these people there, but it is greater in the downtown core.”

In 2012, RAIIQ counted over 28,000 overnight stays in emergency housing in Quebec with over 1,350 meals a day were served. Earlier this year, the Parti Quebecois announced the establishment of a government policy to help combat homelessness. A measure awaited by the community bodies in these areas. The Minister for Social Services and Youth Protection, Véronique Hivon, confirmed that the platform is under construction and she has expressed concern about the direction of the federal government on its unique mode of financing. “They have decided to fund depending on the housing first,” says Ms. Hivon regarding the partnership strategy to fight against homelessness.
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