The Fourth Campaign on Road Security

The Fourth Campaign on Road Security

The 4e campagne de sensibilisation à la vitesse de circulation dans les quartiers résidentiels was launched recently in the gymnasium du Séminaire des Peres Maristes, under the honorary presidency of Jean-Marie De Koninck, president of the Table québécoise de la sécurité routière (TQSR).

De Koninck came to support local initiatives to raise awareness of responsible behaviour in residential areas launched four years ago by Nancy Gilbert and other mothers, particularly affecting the Saint-Yves and Saint Louis de-France areas.

“It is interesting that the Community has taken the reigns I understand that mothers are very concerned about the safety of children playing in the street. It would be good for other communities if they were able to adopt a similar initiative that they could implement in their communities,” said Mr. De Koninck.

La coordonnatrice du volet familial de Solidarité volet familial de Solidarité familles et sécurité routière, Nancy Gilbert, observed some interesting changes taking place gradually in her neighborhood. “This is a promising project. The mobilization allows people to change their behaviour. This awareness is also broadcast via Facebook and a blog page,” she announced.

Human Conduct

Mr. De Koninck noted that since the early work of the Table québécoise de la sécurité routière, there were 720 traffic fatalities and in 2010 there were 436.

“You must know that 80% to 90% of road accidents are caused by human behaviour. If everyone had responsible behaviour, we would have a road record that is four times better. We must work on several fronts, including speeding, drunk driving and distractions caused by smart phones,” he added.
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