The great parking meter take-over

The great parking meter take-over

Could parking meters become part of corporate America?

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 January 2015 – The world leader in parking management, Vinci Park, is studying the possibility of taking over the parking meters and street parking in general in the city. The idea and study is a pan-Canadian attempt at privatising the parking configurations for municipalities across the country.

It may sound absurd but, the system is in place in Europe and has been working just fine for the last ten years. The parking company simply controls all the meters and parking lots in the city and then bills the city for its endeavours. The company would maintain, administer and even ticket abusers just like the municipality, only the profits would go to the concession instead of into the city’s coffers. Of course if the city makes more money than it costs to run the system then the case is open for discussion.

Meetings between the city and Vinci Park are to take place in the coming weeks.

Vinci Park claims that North America is far behind in parking management and technology and that with their expertise things would be less expensive for the city and more advanced technologically; eg. one could actually activate and pay for his parking meter through his or her cell phone and, a better control of spaces could be logistically beneficial for the consumer by suggesting where parking is available instead of the driver having to cruise the streets trying to find a place to park.

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