The Hairy-Legged Synchronized Swimming Teacher

The Hairy-Legged Synchronized Swimming Teacher

Hairy legs are easily picked out these days around the Lucien-Flamand pool.

The only male trainer of the country, Robert Prevost stands out in the synchronized swimming discipline. He is a man who didn’t see himself behind a desk from 9 to 5 and who chose to follow his passion for this sport by becoming a trainer.

He studied in information technology, accounting, and wood working, but he realised that nothing made him happier than synchronized swimming.

All the sacrifices needed for this sport makes him happy. At first responsible for the Hochelaga pool then swimming teacher, Prevost ends his 60 hour weeks by directing the synchronized swimmers of CAEM.

Choosing his words is very important because he must also touch calves and hips sometimes to explain a movement. This man learned during his fourteen years of coaching. At first there were perception problems. There can be some moves that look inappropriate, but this is why the coach has to explain thoroughly to the athlete why he must touch her leg. Gymnastic coaches probably face the same problem.

His credibility is not questioned.

After joining a sports-études program in synchronized swimming from age 12 to 19, the athletes listen because he knows the competition and the trainings.
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