The Ice Hotel in Quebec had a fire scare recently

The Ice Hotel in Quebec had a fire scare recently

Quebec’s Ice Hotel recently got hit by fire, something which is apparently the norm after extreme weather conditions. No one was hurt in the blaze.

Quebec Ice Hotel Ravaged by Fire

The cause of the fire, which began in one of the guest rooms, is still unknown. After a pretty perfect start to the season, thanks to temperatures dropping well below freezing point, Quebec City’s Ice Hotel has been hit by one of its most brutal opponents: fire.

Fires Increase After Extreme Cold 

The extreme weather warnings that have been plaguing Quebec for the past couple of weeks have finally been lifted by Environment Canada, but not before numerous fires, shutdowns, and accidents occurred. While the rest of us have been holed up in warm houses enjoying the online slots for real money in Canada, firefighters have been battling blazes!

In Quebec City, December’s extreme cold resulted in 17 fires, compared to just 11 happening in 2016, which made already hard work that more difficult for firefighters. Many of these fires were as a result of power overloads and people using wood stoves, and Bill Noonan, spokesman for the Quebec City firefighters, confirmed that the amount of fires always went up after very cold conditions.

Evacuation of the Ice Hotel Required

A small fire broke out in one of the 45 rooms of the Ice Hotel early on Tuesday morning, which saw the structure, built totally out of ice and situated at the Village Vacances Valcartier winter park, being evacuated.

Jacques Desbois, the manager for the Ice Hotel, admitted that, when he received the call alerting him, they had to twice repeat the fact that there was a fire raging.

Smoke More of An Issue Than the Flames Were

While the flames did not spread too far, and did not cause much damage to the structure itself, the smoke spread very rapidly through the hotel. The cause for the blaze has not yet been identified, but Desbois has stated that the hotel can confirm that the problem was not an electrical one. He added, however, that there were not that many clues evident in the rooms, seeing as how they were made from ice and snow.

Candles are Rumoured to be the Cause

Witnesses have stated that the fire broke out after one of the candles the Ice Hotel has available in rooms fell onto a guest’s sleeping bag. Desbois, however, would not address the claim. He did say that like at many parties, candles are put in rooms in order to create a certain ambience, and that the hotel was investigating whether or not this was the cause, however.

A First in Almost 20 Years

The guests staying in the room where the fire began were able to very quickly alert the staff, and, as a result, emergency crews managed to arrive on the scene within 15 minutes, says Desbois. He said the 33 guests in residence that evening were brought over to the Valcartier main hotel for the remainder of that evening.

Desbois said that some people did go through to the hospital in order to be treated for smoke inhalation, but these individuals were very quickly released. He added that everyone responded exactly as they should have, and that the Ice Hotel intended to transform this into a learning experience. He added that this first time would also be the last time.

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