The “Incredible Maple” Campaign – Rediscovering Maple from Québec!

The “Incredible Maple” Campaign – Rediscovering Maple from Québec!

LONGUEUIL, QC, Jan. 16, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ – The Federation of Québec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) has launched its very first integrated communications campaign to invite Quebecers to rediscover maple and increase its popularity. Through the tag line “Incredible Maple”, this campaign underscores the versatility and unique, delicious taste of Québec’s favourite ingredient, while shedding light on its best-kept natural secrets.

“While it’s true that Quebecers love maple syrup, which is found in 95%1 of our homes, the full extent of its culinary applications and attributes remains a mystery,” said Nathalie Langlois, Director, Marketing, Innovation and Market Development at the FPAQ. “That’s why it’s sometimes overlooked. Our new Incredible Maple tag line reminds people that maple is a homegrown product that stands out through its distinctive, natural, pure and unique character. These two simple words evoke the endearing personality of Québec’s maple products.”

“Maple is incredible because it’s a source of energy and an amazing flavour enhancer that blends well in a wide variety of dishes,” added Ms. Langlois. “With this in mind, our campaign aims enhance maple’s visibility and proudly rank it among products that boast an extensive range of gourmet applications.”

The Incredible Maple campaign is being rolled out gradually, and began with the new logo’s unveiling in December 2017, followed by the airing of an initial TV ad on December 31st, and today’s ad campaign launch, which will feature two new TV ads, social media content and a new online platform:

“As an organization representing over 7,300 Québec-based maple producers, we’re proud of their enthusiasm toward this new image, the new logos and the overall campaign,” said Serge Beaulieu, President of the FPAQ. “It’s a vibrant tribute to maple products and all our producers’ amazing work.”

The campaign took shape through the unveiling of the new Érable du Québec logo, which ensures better consistency and a strong message, thereby enhancing brand recognition across national and international campaigns. “Maple boasts a brand new logo that showcases the maple leaf as the Érable du Québec brand’s main visual anchor,” said Ms. Langlois. “The “Produits d’érable du Québec” brand therefore becomes “Érable du Québec” for the Québec market and “Maple from Canada” for promotional activities abroad.”

Olivier Caron, Creative Director, Branding and Design at KBS Montréal, explained that the maple leaf was the natural choice for the brand’s core visual element. “Very few products benefit from such universal recognition. We also drew our inspiration from the iconic tin can to develop a rounded calligraphy for the word “maple”. Moreover, the logo’s colour fade is a reference to the nuances noted in maple syrup’s new grading system, featuring four categories: golden, amber, dark and very dark.”

Rediscovering maple

The second phase featured a TV ad aired on ICI Radio-Canada on the evening of December 31st, during its flagship end-of-year line-up, including the famous Bye Bye show. “What better way to ensure optimal visibility for maple products than airing TV ads during one of Québec’s TV industry’s key evenings,” commented Ms. Langlois. “It was important for the Federation and maple producers that the ad convey our core message, which aims to encourage people to rediscover maple products.”

“The emotionally charged initial broadcast provided maple with a privileged opportunity,” concluded Mr. Caron. Rolled out in 15- and 30-second formats, these ads gave viewers the chance to be put through the product’s perspective via an intimate setting and film-quality production. Featuring the touching song Je veux de la lumière, written and performed by Philémon Cimon, it gave Quebecers a glimpse of moments when maple was not chosen, only to make a comeback as a main ingredient.”

Incredible ingredient

This naturally led to the official launch of the Incredible Maple campaign, featuring two new humorous ads entitled “Incredible ingredient”. “Through these 15-second spots, audiences will discover zany protagonists that share their appreciation of maple’s incredible flavours with infectious enthusiasm,” said Harold Beaulieu, copywriter at KBS Montréal. “The Incredible Maple campaign is rounded out by a digital strategy focusing on social media content. Moreover, the new website, launched as part of the campaign, features the entirety of its digital products.”

New website:

Incredible Maple’s new online platform stands out through its friendly, modern design and feel, thereby renewing maple’s reputation. By shaping the user’s experience around maple, this platform sheds light on maple products, while making them more accessible. Moreover, it showcases simple, appealing and colourful recipes, thereby inviting visitors to try out new ways to cook using maple syrup, while discovering a full range of products and their applications.

Visitors can also learn all about maple’s health benefits by checking out the website’s wellness and sports section, which includes the testimonial of international-level Canadian cyclist and maple’s ambassador Hugo Houle, who uses maple as a daily source of energy. “Through a focus on gourmet content, as well as intuitive and engaging navigation, the online platform provides a unique experience designed to showcase maple and encourage visitors to reconnect with this delicious product,” concluded Ms. Langlois.


The campaign is an invitation to discover this incredible ingredient and its many applications such as a coffee with a dash of maple syrup, a delicious maple vinaigrette, maple-caramelized gnocchi, and even oatmeal with wild blueberries and maple syrup, for an energy boost after a workout. These and many more recipes can be found at

Other promotional activities showcasing the new brand image are planned for 2018 in all developed markets both Canada-wide and abroad, including the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States and India.

About FPAQ and the French brand ”Érable du Québec”
The Federation of Québec Maple Syrup Producers was founded in 1966. Its mission is to defend and promote the economic, social and moral interests of some 7,300 Québec maple businesses, as well as to develop initiatives that collectively market the products that flow from Québec’s 43 million taps. The quality work of these maple producers has made Québec the source, on average, of 72% of the world’s maple syrup production and 90% of Canada’s maple syrup output. Together, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia contribute the other 10% of Canadian production. FPAQ proudly promotes the reference brand ”Érable du Québec” in addition to coordinating the international promotion and value creation of Canadian maple products on behalf of Canada’s maple industry. In this capacity, the FPAQ leads and directs the International Network of Maple Research and Innovation.

1 Study conducted among 600 respondents by Callosum in August 2017.

SOURCE Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers


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