The Killers – Electric Under the Rain

The Killers – Electric Under the Rain

Even beginning a few minutes later than anticipated, as soon as Las Vegas born The Killers took the stage the crowd was electric.  Some estimated 70,000 strong, fans poured in to the Bell scene at the Plains of Abraham, braving the threat of bad weather for the show… and would not be disappointed.

The Las Vegas based band opened with a high-energy, powerful rendition of their top hit Mr. Brightside, immediately pumping the crowd into singing along with lead singer Brandon Flowers’ encouragement as the band seized the stage from the start.  There could be no doubt – the concert was going to be quite the ride.  The band arrived on stage in leather jackets but, owing to the summer heat and the spotlights, quickly dressed down to just their shirts.

Flowers’ ease and stage chemistry was palpable, as he flowed easily between banter, songs and musical engagement – taking the time for rock-and-roll style solos by his band-mates as he showed off his dancing shoes.  The group spread their other radio hits like Human and Somebody Told Me around their less well-known tunes, keeping the audience engaged with the songs they knew as well as giving more casual fans an introduction to the band’s whole repertoire, ranging from their well-known alt-rock sound to their more melodic ballads.

The group also had a few surprises in store for their fans, including letting the audience decide between having the band perform a cover of either Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising or Tommy James and the Shondells’ I Think We’re Alone Now.  Gauged by an applause-o-meter, the audience ultimately opted for Bad Moon Rising, to Flowers’ visible approval and the audience’s delight.

The odd droplets of rain had been hinted at from almost the beginning of the show, but the skies stayed mostly clear until the final notes of the concert, beginning to drizzle only once the band walked off the stage at the end of a rousing All These Things That I’ve Done.  The crowd demanding more, The Killers returned to the stage for an encore under the rain.  Fans held out the imminent downpour for a generous 3-song encore, as the audience wanted to get every last ounce of the Festival d’Été’s umpteenth successful concert.

As the crowd began to disperse, Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci picked up the microphone and simply said, “Tell all of your friends!” before tossing the mic into the audience.  Well Ronnie, we’re telling all of ours.

Photo Credit: Renaud Philippe

Photo Credit: Renaud Philippe


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