The moose are loose

The moose are loose

Contrary to some of the rumours around the province that Quebecers are against guns and that animal rights groups are winning their cause against hunters and that people are less interested in hunting, the Quebec Parks, Wildlife and Environmental Durability Ministry has statistics that prove the opposite. In fact a record number of Moose hunting permits, 180,000 to be exact, were issued this fall alone.

In the latest communiqué, the ministry was surprised to see that the demand this year was the highest in the last 40 years. In 2012 the number of people registered to take shooting lessons to hunt with a firearm, bow and arrow or crossbow was 26,200. Of that number 24% were women and 23% teenagers and 16,900 chose firearms.

Despite the rise in the number of hunters the number of moose in the province has almost doubled over the last 40 years bringing the total to more than 125,000 animals, meaning most hunters will be successful in killing one, which in turn, makes hunting more interesting and consequently more popular.

The Quebec City area is in the top six “best hunting districts” in the province and benefits from a great deal of tourist dollars as many Americans come up here to hunt.

35 years ago the number of moose shot and killed by hunters was around 8,000 as compared to this year’s take, which as of 13 Nov. was pegged at 26,362. This year’s hunting season allowed hunters to chase after males, females, and calves which is another reason the demand was so high. Open seasons like this only happen once every two years.

Quebec’s wildlife is protected under law and all hunting permits are calculated by the number of animals available and an average of the number of kills is based on statistics gathered throughout the years.
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