The mystery of the headless seals

The mystery of the headless seals

Seals with their heads missing have been washing up on the shores of the St. Lawrence River during the last two weeks between the area of Ste. Anne des Monts and Percé on the north coast of the Gaspé peninsula and so far nobody knows why or how. 

It happens normally a couple of times a year that a seal will be washed up with its head already missing but this year so far there have been twelve incidents reported which is extravagant, compared to previous years.

Whether the seals were dead or alive before the heads were missing is part of the mystery. Elephant_SealThere are theories of human poaching, or boat propellers, or even sharks which could severe the head in one bite but, no one can prove which assumption is feasible. Sharks have pretty much been eliminated as a cause because, experts say that normally a shark would devour the whole animal. There is also the speculation that if the seals were already dead in the water it could simply be the normal action of seagulls or other birds eating out the eyes and then maggots and normal decomposition causing the heads to simply fall off naturally.

Whatever the cause, the local authorities have been called in and a call has been put out to the Department of Oceans and Fisheries to investigate or possibly do some sort of autopsy on certain remains to determine the time and cause of death.

Another problem with the phenomena is what to do with the decomposing carcasses that are starting to line the shores and beaches of the popular tourist region. In the more populated areas some people are taking on the task of ridding their beaches of the remains by themselves, but in the remote areas the bodies will simply be eaten by rodents, worms or other natural predators as long as the stench of decomposition doesn’t bother anyone.
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