The Pipes, The Pipes are Calling

The Pipes, The Pipes are Calling



Québec, Feb 2014 – The pipes, the pipes are calling!  For the Fifth Edition of ‘Le Défilé de la St Patrick de Québec, Saturday, March 22nd, departing at 12.00 am (noon) from St-Patrick High School. Join the 1300 participants and the 120 pipers and musicians along the parade route to City Hall.  All is green in our Capital City with thousands of smiling faces along Cartier, St-Jean and in Old Quebec.  The world -renowned pipes and drums bands from New-York, Boston and Chicago are back for a resounding celebration of ‘Le Défilé 2014. Le Défilé de la St-Patrick de Québec features a musical, historic and artistic program with an ecological awareness.  “All of this to share our well integrated Irish and Celtic traditions with our Quebec City co-citizens, everyone being Irish on the 22nd.”

Highlights of the 5th edition
Interesting features this year, include ‘La troupe L’équipage’ and the ‘Vinland Elag’, a sports fighting group commemorating the tumultuous period in history, from the 7th to the 10th Century, when the Vikings left their imprint on the Continent and Ireland. A second feature is a tribute to the founding-president of L’Industrielle (Industrial Life as it was the known), Irish born Bernard Leonard, a socially minded entrepreneur who left a lasting heritage on the city and the Irish community. More Pipes and drums to shake everyone’s Irish roots with the Montreal Pipes and Drums, the Frazer Highlanders, the RCMP Pipes and Drums, PLUS for the first time, the unique RCMP Musical Ride, four beautiful black ‘Canadian’ horses and riders, in parade dress, who will display their talent and bring a new dimension to the parade.  Add more favorites such as the walking bands, Celtic dance schools, families and clans, colleges and school with Irish programs, and other social institutions. All are there to celebrate the 5th Anniversary.


Grand Marshall 2014
What more fitting than a queen as Grand Marshall for our fifth Edition. Barbara Miller grew up Irish in Quebec City and the darling of the community piling up medals and awards with her synchronized swimming team, being the Carnival de Québec Queen in 1961, before raising 3 great children and champions of their own, counting in son Patrick of Les Canadiens and the Avalanche. Her heroic stand against the skin-eating disease in 2008 and her compassion and volunteer work with others fighting the same or similar situations completes the picture of Barbara Miller Roy, our Grand Marshall for the 2014 Défilé.
More on Le Défilé de la Saint-Patrick de Québec

The Organizing Committee for the ‘Défilé de la St-Patrick de Québec’ was established June 13th, 2009. Its objective was to revive the Annual St-Patrick’s Day Parade in Quebec City, after an absence of 84 years. Irish-born Peter Farrell and a group of young enthusiasts decided to revive this great annual event, and they did!  We are proud to present our 5th Edition with the traditional calling of the pipes, the horse carousel, the Vikings, the homage to Bernard Leonard, and a host of other features, that will add up to a great ‘Fete du Printemps’, March 22nd, 2014.

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