The Quebec Winter Carnival – A World Famous Icon

The Quebec Winter Carnival – A World Famous Icon

Press release from Le Carnaval de Québec

Quebec, The Quebec Winter Carnival, in cooperation with Loto-Quebec, presented its financial results as well as the theme for the 59th Winter Carnival recently.

The most recent Carnival, which took place from January 27 to February 12, 2012, offered visitors both special traditional activities and spectacular new events. Festival-goers had the opportunity to see unusual sports competitions, to learn about age-old winter activities and to dance to the beat at packed DJ nights. The organization is happy to announce positive financial results for its total operating budget of $8.6 million.

The Winter Carnival Wins Multiple Honours

Last year’s Winter Carnival was one of the most rewarding in the festival’s history. In addition to opening its new locations, the Carnival was awarded special honours: it was recognized by the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Signature Experiences Collection, and it won the Event of the Year award at both national and regional levels, from the Canadian Tourism Awards and the Gala des Fidéides, respectively.

“These prizes are a confirmation that the Quebec Winter Carnival is the leading winter festival in North America, they demonstrate to the world that it is a must-see tourist event,” said Jean Pelletier, executive director.

Uniqueness: Our Greatest Asset

In collaboration with Quebec City Tourism, Tourisme Québec and the Canadian Tourism Commission, the festival welcomed some 100 journalists and photographers from key and emerging tourism markets in Canada: Canada, the US, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, China, Germany, France and Britain. The Winter Carnival offers a unique and authentic experience that is the reason for its strong visibility in foreign press.

Prominent television coverage: The Rick Mercer Report (CBC TV): Rick Mercer Goes Ice Canoeing Thalassa (France 3): Les givrés du canot Discovery Channel Canada: Pyros: Fire and Ice


Come to Quebec… for the Winter Carnival!

As Influence Communication discovered in its “Analysis of media personality and tourism coverage for the Quebec City,” which focuses on the international press, the Winter Carnival is the most influential event for the city of Quebec. The Winter Carnival is also the second-ranked brand in terms of unaided awareness for Quebec, right after the Fairmont Château Frontenac. Highlights from the last presentation:

• 77 % of revenues generated by visitors and partners of the Carnival
• 15 % increase in sales of Effigy Passes: 109,000 in 2012 compared with 95,000 in 2011
• 98 % of visitors believe that the Bonhomme is a strong image that conveys Quebec’s appeal as a tourist destination
• 52 % of clients are tourists
• 85 % of visitors from outside Quebec came to Quebec only (61 %) or partly (24 %) for the Carnival
• 65 % of visitors stayed in commercial accommodations
• 100 % increase in number of fans on Facebook: 17,000 in 2012 compared with 8,500 in 2011

A Second Term for the President

Several people pointed out on Twitter last year that Alain Winter seems to have been destined for the position of president of the Quebec Winter Carnival. His performance certainly lived up to his name, and this year he will lead as president for a second time.

Mr. Winter is the president of the Ile d’Orléans local development centre and sits as a director on the board of directors for Quebec City Tourism. He is a qualified administrator whose expertise will help carry out strategic planning to meet the high expectations of the people of Quebec for an event that represents them on the world stage. Mr. Winter’s work has made his mark on Quebec tourism, and he has been a member of the board of directors for the Winter Carnival since 1987. Since 2001 he has been the owner of consulting firm Tourisme Conseil; he is also coordinator for the Tourism program at Merici College, and has taught there since 1987. The Winter Carnival organization looks forward to Mr. Winter’s second term and has great confidence in his leadership.

In 2013, the Carnival will be the star of winter! From February 1 to 17, Carnival attendees are invited to walk on winter’s white carpet and head toward the spotlights at the Capitale-Nationale.

Accompanied by glorious trumpet blasts and warm in cozy earmuffs, visitors will leave footprints in the world’s most fantastic snowscape. Sports heroes will amaze the crowds, eliciting cheers as they mount a winter podium. Photo-seeking paparazzi will climb up on prominent sculptures, and sample maple syrup on snow will bring smiles to all. Whether you travel by limousine or on three skis, your Effigy Pass will ensure you don’t miss any of the excitement. Dancers, with or without makeup, will see themselves reflected glamorously in the illumintated ice palace. Will they look good enough to make it into one of the papers along with Bonhomme? There’s lots of competition, but everyone at the Winter Carnvivale deserves their moment of glory. “The next Winter Carnival will continue the tradition that defines us, makes us unique and serves as living proof that it’s wonderful to live in winter,” said Alain Winter, president of the Carnival.

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