The rent-a-ride cars are here

The rent-a-ride cars are here

Main pic: Lancement d’Auto-mobile de Communauto. Photo credit: Communauto.

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 June 2015 – Starting July 8th, Communauto will have about 100 little cars available for whoever needs one in a hurry parked at strategic places throughout the downtown area, including Limoilou. The service requires a membership to Commuauto and an Opus bus card in order to use the vehicles. The idea is simple, if you need a car to cross town or do some errands, you simply go to where there is a car, open the door with your bus pass card (Opus), complete your chores and then return the car to a predetermined parking space which may or may not be the same as where you first took possession.

The area covered for the available vehicles is between Ave Myrand and Old Quebec with a couple of spots in Limoilou. You can use the car anywhere you want as long as it’s brought back to one of the assigned depots.
The agreement with the city as for parking and special vignettes has all been set up and with the use of a special app on ones cell-phone a car can be reserved within minutes and when finished with, become immediately available for the next client by using the same app.

Naturally certain rules and conditions apply, like making sure the car has gas for the next user. All the cars are hybrids and the number of vehicles available could increase depending on the demand.

A membership with Communauto is the first step.

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