The resurrection of Elvis Presley

The resurrection of Elvis Presley

The King is back, and it’s going to be a Blue Christmas…

For those of you who believe in resurrection, you must be right, because the King himself has just been reborn right here in Quebec City, or to be more precise St. Raymond, a town right close by. He had one short video on you tube singing “Blue Christmas” and it was so good it got 2,500,000 views in three days and went viral around the world in four.

Yep, Elvis is back with us under the name of David Thibault and he’s only 16 yrs old. He not only sings like Elvis, he looks like him, moves like him and plays the guitar like him, and that’s with no makeup or costume. David has complete confidence in himself and sings like he’s been doing it for years.

David_ThibaultJust type in “David Thibault Elvis” on Youtube and you’ll be able to see what the world is talking about and be amazed like everyone else with what you’ll hear; it’s even better if you just listen without watching.

The video is making its rounds in France, England, USA, and everywhere else for that matter. Even George Stroumboulopoulos is talking about it.

The young David has apparently already given two stage shows in his home town, and will be giving another on March 29, but don’t try buying tickets, ‘ cause they were all sold out in ten minutes after the world saw the video.

Certainly a name to watch out for in the near future and who knows where he’ll end up? This guy is not an impersonator, he’s the real thing; at least as close to the real thing as we’re ever going to get.

Move over Céline, Michael, and Justine, you’ve just been downsized.
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