Did you know that the secret memorandum of the first Quebec Conference between Churchill and Roosevelt, which took place in Quebec City from Aug. 17- 24, 1943, was leaked to a German spy a few weeks after the event?

In his new novel “An Absolute Secret” (Booklocker, 373 pages), the Quebec City filmmaker and novelist Nicholas Kinsey (Playing Rudolf Hess) tells the story of how a British intelligence officer in Stockholm discovered the secret memorandum of the private discussions of Roosevelt and Churchill in the hands of a German spy. Who leaked the documents? How did those documents get into the hands of a German spy in Stockholm?

The meetings in Quebec were held at the Citadel in the old town and were primarily between Churchill and Roosevelt, but with MacKenzie King in attendance. The aim of the conference (code-name Quadrant) was to plan high-level military strategies: the invasion of France, Operation Overlord, was planned for May 1, 1944 and coordination planning for the atomic bomb project.

The novel tells the story of British SIS officer Peter Faye (real name Peter Falk) who was sent to Stockholm in 1943 to spy on German Intelligence Officer Dr. Karl-Heinz Kramer.

Kramer called himself Himmler’s special representative and drove around Stockholm in a white DKW convertible.

Faye recruited an Austrian maid in the Kramer household to remove secret documents from a drawer in the man’s study. The documents were photographed and sent on their way to London where they created quite a stir within the intelligence services. The first document was the secret memorandum of the private discussions between Roosevelt and Churchill at the Quebec Conference.

It is believed that there were several moles in British Intelligence and in the government who were actively leaking large quantities of information to their Soviet controllers during WW2. Of course, the source could have been Canadian, a Soviet sympathizer, who had access to the meetings and sent the documents to Moscow.

We can’t rule this out.

The Quebec Conference was a huge public event for the diplomats and military chiefs of three different countries.

Numerous people had access to the meeting rooms, so the idea that someone could sneak out the memorandum of the Roosevelt / Churchill conversations is not so difficult to imagine.

Kinsey’s meticulously crafted second novel is based on true wartime stories with their heroes and villains. The novel is richly evocative, skilfully paced and a real page-turner. It is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Kinsey is a Canadian / British writer and director of feature films and television drama who lives in Quebec City. He has been a successful director, scriptwriter, director of photography, a film editor, and a producer over a long career.

As a screenwriter Kinsey has written some 20 feature and television drama screenplays.

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