The Situation of Ontarian Students’ Votes: A Whole Lot of Nothing

The Situation of Ontarian Students’ Votes: A Whole Lot of Nothing
Pictured: Neither a voter fraud plot nor voter repression

Pictured: Students
Not pictured: Democracy threatened by vote fraud and/or suppression

Let’s talk.

You’ve probably heard that there is an election coming in-between working, raising your kids, keeping your home in order and throwing coffin parties. Or maybe you don’t throw coffin parties, who am I to judge? To each their own. The point is, there’s an election coming, and it’s a good occasion to discuss our democratic system, or rather to point out how laughably broken and useless it actually is. Most of what you’ve read so far and what you’ll read in the following days leading up to April 7th will discuss the positions of the different parties of the province and try to sway you one way or the other, usually invoking the Charter of values or some promises or the Charbonneau commission or whatever else they’ll defecate into your mind so as to make you passionate rather than rational. I won’t do that because I refuse to humor this parade of idiocy whose only aim is to get the common folk to think they have some sort of power (they don’t) or that they have the knowledge and intelligence necessary to take decisions regarding the managing of a nation of several millions (they also don’t).

Rather, I want to discuss what I feel has been the single stupidest attempt to polarize the population in recent memory. At this moment, you’ve probably heard that some students from other provinces are being denied registration to vote in the coming provincial election. Now, what I’ll do is I’ll give the students’ version (which in turn is going to be defended by opponents of the PQ), then the PQ’s version, then I’ll explain what really happened and why we’re all idiots.

The students’ version goes like this: After being told of the horrific apartheid measures being concocted by the PQ, students originating from other provinces decided to register to vote in large numbers and are being denied on the basis that they can’t prove that their domicile is in Quebec, despite the fact that it is. Since they’ve been told Quebec has somehow become some sort of totalitarian ethnocentric regime in the year and a half the PQ was in power, they immediately conclude that there is voter suppression aimed at minorities opposing the political class.

The PQ’s version goes like this: Thousands of people from other provinces are coming to register in Quebec in a large scale attempt at electoral fraud. This is an unacceptable attack on democracy and yet another episode in the history of Canada abusing Quebec.

And now, what really happened: The media (especially the anglophone media) have been feeding a non-stop stream of bul… I mean tall tales. Yes, let’s use that expression. They’ve been producing tall tales surrounding the charter of values, presenting it as some sort of measure you’d expect out of nations such as Nazi Germany or Saudi Arabia when in fact, all it is is an ill-conceived document which adds nothing to existing laws and legal precedents except an unnecessary dress code for government employees. Now, some young, ill-informed people got in in their heads that they needed to save the poor minorities from this horribly oppressive document by voting against the PQ in the upcoming election. Predictably, many of them are poorly educated about voter rights and the such, and never had the right to vote in Quebec in the first place, and so their registrations were rejected. This resulted in hundreds of people who never had the right to vote here to begin with being told they don’t have the right to vote here.

Do you understand where I’m going with this? There is no large scale voter suppression. It’s a few hundred people amongst the millions of voters in Quebec. There is no large scale organized electoral fraud being prepared. It’s a few hundred people who don’t know better amongst the millions of voters in Quebec trying to get registered to vote and being denied because they don’t have the right to vote here. It’s a non-story. It’s nothing. It’s wind. Yet, somehow, some self-interested parties grabbed this nothing and are trying to turn it into something so as to further their goals.

And there it is. This is what you need to understand. It’s a whole lot of nothing being blown out of proportion by people who have an interest in doing so. A few students will be able to jump-start their careers and reputations by getting their names in the newspapers and associating themselves with social justice, the PQ can claim Quebec is under attack by the rest of Canada, its opponents can prove it’s a horrible racist party and the Lion can slay the Witch and save Narnia while we’re at it. So, rest easy: The French Canadians are not dirty racists out to get minorities, the anglophones are not evil colonists out to get French Canadians and democracy is not being defiled (as if we’d notice if it were) so you can go back to working, raising your kids, keeping your home in order and throwing coffin parties. Just stop falling for this divisive crap being pelted at you by the chimps in parliament and those sitting behind typewriters.


This article is part of a series on the 2014 Québec Election


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