The Status Race

The Status Race

By Martin Lalancette

On my way back from my cottage after the Superbowl week-end, after celebrating with friends (yes my team won), alone in my car I was thinking to myself. Am I in the status race?

Are you in the status race? The last time you bought something was it because of others and what it would look like? Was it because of the ad that you saw? Was it because your significant other wanted you to get it? Did you need it NOW? After you purchase, did you say to yourself: “Is this it?” Did you jump on the next thing? After you bought the house, you needed the boat, after the boat it was something else. The funny thing is, you didn’t go boating and hate having a big house because of all the house and yard work that comes with it (now you need a maid and a gardener).

What happened? You probably did like most people and followed us all in the STATUS RACE. Always searching for the next big thing, the next, well, anything.

Some call it the rat race and will sell you everything that you need to keep you in it. The real thing to do is get back to your values. Yes I know it sounds new-age a bit but what positive psychology has taught us the last few years is that after the basic needs, accumulation of things will only help your happiness if it’s in line with your values. Not the external ones (society or your work values), your personal values.

The Y generation (the 25 to 45) in our society are redefining the work balance values changing this status race into a self development project.

But it’s time to look at how we do it. The values that our parents shared with us no longer are the big truths. If they ever were.

Work values like: stay in your job until retirement; thinking that the organization will take care of you and your personal development, your wellness and the vertical promotions. That’s now very much a thing of the past, organisations are lean, mean machines and will cut you as fast as HR can send a security guard to escort you from the premises. Even if you were employee of the month (it happened to one of my clients last month – a twenty seven-year old hard working girl. A victim of the US shrinking economy).

What can you do? Create your life from the inside out. Start working to live instead of living to work. Find out what your personal values are (it’s going to help you choose your projects later, what you stand for and make it public. Status has to come from your own recognition. Waiting for the outside world for recognition will inevitably steer you in the wrong direction. Using others values that are not in line with yours is also a good way to get nowhere fast.

The only real luxury is time. How you use it and how you to think about it? A change in perspective and focus is needed when the time that you have is not in line with the investments in your values. OK, enough for today. Time for a think?

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Martin_LalancetteMartin Lalancette – Career and Lifestyle consultant (Eureka career) you can find Martin on his bike in the summer, on skis in the winter and playing guitar, writing a movie (or playing in one) and appreciating good food with his friends the rest of the time. Peak performances in sports, arts and business are a passion that he loves to share with anybody that has five minutes to listen. Travelling around the world is also a hobby, to discover a new city or simply lounging on the beach for a week.

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