The STM in Montreal is looking to get 300 new hybrid buses

The STM in Montreal is looking to get 300 new hybrid buses

As part of her pledge to be the mayor of mobility, Valérie Plante is excited about 300 new hybrid buses coming to Montreal. She has pledged to help pay.

300 New Hybrid buses for Montreal’s STM 

The provincial government for Montreal will be investing jointly with the city in order to purchase 300 brand-new hybrid buses for the Société de transport de Montréal, or STM. Valérie Plante, mayor of Montreal, stated that she couldn’t hide her enthusiasm for the announcement. Speaking at the Stinson Transport Centre in St-Laurent, the newest STM garage, where the buses would be getting fixed, maintained, and parked overnight, she added that the new year was getting off to a wonderful start.

City and Province to Share Costs

 The city and the province will be sharing the cost of the buses, with the call for tenders being launched on Tuesday morning by the STM. The group purchase, for as many as 1 500 buses, will be in the name of a number of other agencies dealing with public transit in the province. The estimated cost, however, has not yet been made public.

The Largest Increase to the City Fleet in History

Philippe Schnobb, chairperson for the STM, has stated that this would be the biggest increase to the fleet in the history of the city. After the purchase has been completed, the STM fleet will have been increased by 15% to 2107 buses.

All 300 of the buses will be hybrids, having heating and air conditions, along with USB ports in order to charge mobile devices. This means that those of us who enjoy playing real money slots games on our commutes don’t have to worry about flat batteries, either! The delivery should take place by 2020.

New Jobs are Going to Become Available Too

 Around 600 new bus drivers will be getting hired, alongside a number of maintenance workers as well, said Schnobb. He added that the STM had never had a problem attracting drivers, as is evidenced by the corporation hiring 250 new drivers yearly. The STM will also need to buy equipment to run the buses, with the overall recurring expenses of the buses standing at around CA$75 million per annum.

The Major of Mobility

Valérie Plante, pledging to be the mayor of mobility, has promised to buy 300 of the buses in order to assist in alleviating the congestion on city roads.  Although the price tag has not been made a part of the call for tenders, the Projet Montréal campaign promise stated that the vehicles would cost around CA$225 million, which works out at around CA$750 000 per bus.

However, hybrid-bus purchases that have recently been made have cost more than CA$1 million each. Thursday, Schnobb stated that he did not want to guess how much the buses would cost, saying that doing so would hurt the bidding process, as potential bidders would then know how much the city was willing to pay for them. What is also unclear is just how the cost will be split between the province and the city, as the provincial government has not committed to increasing its overall investment in public transit for the region.

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